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Sabor a naranjas

About us

Sabor a Naranjas is a family company with extensive experience in the traditional cultivation, more than 50 years support us. The best legacy that our elders could leave us was the love of the land, teaching us to care for it and pamper it, the reason why our products stand for the quality of yesteryear and why we have made the leap to the sale oranges online.

Our farms are located in the Vega Alta region of Seville. They are bathed by the Guadalquivir river when it passes through the towns of Alcolea del Río and Lora del Río. This region is considered to be the cradle of modern Spanish farming.

Andalusia has a unique climate with regular rainfall, thermal contrast and a high numbers of solar hours, turning our oranges the juiciest, sweetest and most aromatic on the market.

We use a production system highly respectful of the environment and with safety at work.

We also have a quality manager to ensure that each piece of fruit faithfully meet the quality requirements, since our main objective is to deliver the most genuine flavour.

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